Poolworx takes care of you…

Poolworx is the official dealer for Duratech heat pumps and Spectravision LED swimming pool lights in Spain.

At two very convenient locations...

Our main Poolworx branch in Belgium is ideally located at only 15 minutes’ drive from the Duratech and Spectravision manufacturer’s office, warehouse and technical department. Assuring you a reliable delivery and follow up of your order.

From our Poolworx branch in Spain we offer daily local support to installers of Duratech heat pumps. Because of the central location right in the middle of all the main Spanish Costas we can provide a second line service right at your doorstep within 24 hours when needed.

Factory trained technical staff...

Of course we hope you will not need it. But it is reassuring to know that our technical staff is locally trained by Duratech specialists and to the same level as the factory specialists of Duratech in Belgium. Making our local second line technical service professional and to the point. Keeping possible downtime of your heat pump to a minimum.

With our competitive prices..

It starts and ends with our quality products. The difference between good and great, is made with the attention for a reliable delivery and local service. And with our competitive prices, which we already compared with the other suppliers, we are confident that we can positively answer to all your valuable argumentations.

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