Factory trained experts

Of course we hope you will not need it. But it is reassuring to know that our technical staff is locally trained by Duratech specialists and to the same level as the factory specialists of Duratech in Belgium. Making our local second line technical service professional and to the point. Keeping possible downtime of your heat pump to a minimum.

Managing an 'unblocked' water flow

It starts with the basics for your heat pump which is managing an efficient water flow. Clients sometimes underestimate how important a sufficient strong waterflow is. Most issues we come across are relate to insufficient waterflow to the heat pump. Due to blockage in skimmer baskets, filter pump basket and the sand filter.

Optimal heat exchange

Heat pumps are the most effective and efficient way to heat your swimming pool. Ensuring you with a day after day steady performance, also when there is no sunshine and even with very low outside temperatures. Our technical experts know all about the chemistry and physics of heat. The essential elements to make the professional components of your Duratech heat pump work most optimal, and produce cost effective heat for your swimming pool. 

Building a professional heat pump

We will not tire you with complicated diagrams and calculations. But as mentioned above the physics of transferring heat will only work under optimal conditions. Which require the correct functioning of the four main components at all times. With the evaporator (1) extracting heat from the outside air, the compressor (2) increasing it to a high temperature and the condenser (3) transferring the heat to your swimming pool water, after the expansion valve (4) this whole process starts all over again. (see pictures below)

How it all works...

In case service is required we know how it all works. Right from the beginning with the diagnose up to the replacement of the faulty component with an original Duratech spare part. We keep sufficient stock of the necessary spare parts in Spain.





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