Our personal story behind Poolworx...

A wonderful wife and two cool teenage kids, and spending over 10 years of our careers looking after guests in tourism and hospitality worldwide, and an additional 15 years in logistics and operational excellence, and having our roots in Holland and Belgium kind of makes up our Poolworx story. And here’s how it happened....

It starts in spring 2011. The time that we, Albert & Priscilla decided that it was about time to start enjoying sunny and relaxing holidays in our own holiday home with a private swimming pool. A place under the sun in lovely Andalucía, Spain. 

Spain is beautiful and hot but it does take until summer for the sun to heat the water in the swimming pool to a comfortable temperature.

Unfortunately the swimming pool was not heated, and very quickly it became clear that if we wanted to have the pleasure of swimming in our pool all year round, we needed to look for a solid heating solution. 

Not only for ourselves but also important as we wanted to be able to rent the house to holiday makers during the rest of the year. (www.villa-encanto.com).

After some thorough home work with the available facts and figures of the internet, we immediately fell for the professional brand of ‘Duratech’ from Belgium. 

Straight from its  installation in the summer of 2011, this Duratech 18kw heat pump has superbly increased everyone’s quality time in our 10 x 5 meter heated pool!  

And this is the very proud reason that we combine all of our ‘career’ experiences in our company Poolworx, which of course supports its concept by using the professional ‘Duratech’ heat pumps from Belgium.

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