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What's your pool size

Got an exact size? (Metres)
Just select your pool. It doesn't really matter for now, if the size is a little different!

If you've got exact measures just fill them in and we'll use those.
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Do you have a cover in place?

What temperature are you dreaming of?

A cover will reduce heat evaporation from the surface area. Especially in windy area's this will make a big difference! We're happy to quote one for you. And of course, we need to know if you want to be warm or steaming!
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Just select the months that you would like to include in your swim season.
If you want to swim all-year round, just select'm all!
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Only thing left is to tell us who you are. No worries, we will not send you any spam but just contact you for the result of your calculation and some good advice!
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