So, what is the actual cost to run my pool heater? 

Buying a heat pump unit from Poolworx guarantees the best price, but what about the cost to run the unit for days, months, years? When investing in your own happiness, it's important to understand the total cost of ownership for a heat pump. As you'll find out on this page, it's surprisingly cheap and efficient to heat your pool this way.


We have prepared a quick overview to help you figure out how much it is costing you to heat your pool. (Our calculations are based on Spanish Costa climate conditions)

Cost per month

Not everyone needs to have their pool heated 365 days a year, therefore we have included the two graphs below.
Using those graphs, you can have a clear indication of how much it would cost to only heat for a selected period of time.
For instance your Easter holiday or extending your summer time in a heated pool until October.

Cost for 8x4 swimming pool

Cost for 10x5 swimming pool

Other solutions…

There are other solutions on the market, that have a much higher cost to operate. Check out Other Solutions.

Looking at these other solutions, how does a heat pump save me money?

While solar-only based systems (such as the solar pool heater) may be "free" you still have to leave the pump running a very long time in order for it to function, boosting you electric bill by €300,- to €950 a year. Gas heaters can range €300-€500 per month depending on the fuel you choose.

Electric Heat Pumps are highly efficient and are costing their owners on average €25-€90 per month, for an 8x4 pool, depending on climate and usage conditions.

We find that about 9 out of 10 of our customers who install heaters, choose heat pumps simply because of their dependability, low operating cost and eco-friendly  character.

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