Designed in Belgium with top quality components.

Please note that our units are genuine Duratech heat pumps.
As opposed to many others, we do not offer lower quality or imitation products.

Highly efficient and economical

Using high quality materials in the build of the Duratech Heat Pump and Titanium heat exchangers means it is practically "Bullet-Proof" to corrosion from Chlorine, Bromine or Salt in the water. Also, the heat exchanger is oversized to improve efficiency and make the Duratech Heat Pump even more cost effective and great value for money. The heat retrieved from the air outside is transferred to the pool water. For each kW consumed by the heat pump, 6 kW can be returned to the pool. So 5 out of 6 kW are for free.


The DURATECH® heat pump must be installed outside. It will heat the pool all year round and will even work with outside temperatures as low as -10°C.


Constructed for durability and longevity

Using advanced and high quality materials like PVC and “Titanium ®” for the heat exchanger means it can resist to erosion from chlorine in the water. Also, the “Titanium®” exchanger is oversized to improve efficiency.

Running quietly

The use of a high efficient, low sound rotary or scroll compressor, a low noise two speed fan and an oversized heat exchanger, makes the unit extremely quiet in operation. The DURA-13 at 1m distance creates only 51dBA.

Easy installation

The unit is intelligently designed and remarkably compact for easy installation. Example: the integrated pressure switch senses the water pressure and automatically starts the heater when the pool pump starts and stops when the pump shuts off.

Advanced control

The integrated microprocessor monitors all the sensors and controls the device without any intervention of the user. Electronic display and control with easy operation is standard.

So there are no better solutions?

That's correct. There are of course other kinds of pool heaters. Check out Other Solutions section to explore all your options.

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