Why do you need a heat pump?

Without a pool heater your swim season may only last three or four months, while the addition of a heater will easily DOUBLE your swim season, depending on location and climate.  We all enjoy the swimming pool on sunny days, especially kids! With a pool heater you and your entire family, including friends or guests can maximize this fun. The heat pump is actually a form of solar energy, widely used in domestic heating accross Europe. It uses a small amount of electricity to extract heat from the air and transfer it to the water.  

Doubling your swimming season

In the Spanish costa regions, by the end of September, boiling hot summer temperatures are gone and our swimming pools tend to drop three degrees a day as soon as temperatures fall below 20 degrees at night. It can be a lot more, it can be a bit less, depending on your location and climate conditions.
In early spring, the ground is still cold and your huge amount of pool water will take months to heat up again when using only the sun's radiation. When you then finally can start using your pool, it will still lose a lot of heat during the day, due to evaporation. 

With a pool cover, this can be partially mitigated but you really need a heat pump to heat up the vast amount of water in your pool. With a heat pump, pool owners can easily increase their pool water temperature by up to 4°C in one day, or simply maintain a constant preferred pool temperature with a minimal effort of the heat pump. 

Affordable and safe

Pool owners want an affordable, comprehensive and fail-safe solution to heat their pool. Especially second-home owners are very sensitive to this. This means traditional heating solutions are simply not an option. A heat pump though, ticks all those boxes! It’s the best value for money and comes with a near-zero-risk of leaks or recurring technical problems. On top of that, no extra water-pump is needed, the installation is straightforward and can be done in one day. The unit can also easily be placed out of sight if required!

The system is also highly economical. Heat retrieved from the air outside is transferred to the pool water, and the system does not rely on solar energy so it is equally efficient on cloudy days. For each kilowatt consumed by the heat pump, six kilowatts can be returned to the pool. 
How is that possible?  Well the sun warms the air and that heat is pulled from the air. Even on days without sunshine, this warm air is pulled in, enhanced, and transferred into the water. 

Swim when you want to

So, a heat pump is ideal for pool owners who want their swimming pool ready-for-swimming at all times. Be it your next lazy weekend, the autumn schoolbreak with family and friends or happily enjoying the Christmas holidays in Spain! Heat pumps are even more ideal for those who want to extend their summer swimming season by several months, since the cost to run a heat pump is less than 2€/day (check out "Total cost"). 

Whatever scenario fits your situation, Poolworx has the right solution to ensure you can enjoy your pool 365 days of the year, whenever you want to.

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