Bright, deep and glowing LED colours

One of the hottest trends in pool lighting right now is LED lights and for good reasons – they look great and are very cost effective to use! 

Imagine, immersing yourself in the rich, deep and glowing colours of a Spectravision® lighted pool.

The brand name Spectravision stands for outstanding quality swimming pool LED Lights, These LED lights are manufactured by Propulsion Systems, the swimming pool specialist from Belgium The same company of the professional Duratech heat pumps. 

Spectravision® transforms any pool into a night time oasis of glowing colorful warmth by combining the vibrance and brilliance of LED with the soothing effects of colour. 

The Spectravision® light also can give an ultra white light.

You control the mood with a simple flip of a switch. Create an environment of tranquillity, a 

romantic get away or a fun family entertainment centre all with the Spectravision® lighting system.

“Put the power of colour to work for you now with Spectravision®”

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