Why would you upgrade your pool lights to LED?

There are 2 very good reasons to upgrade your old pool light bulbs to our Moonlight LED solution.

  1. You want to save money by consuming less electricity
  2. You want to have a more colorful pool experience 

Save money

The first reason for upgrading your existing pool lights to LED is about saving money. LED's are energy efficient and low maintenance because of their longer lifetime. Our Moonlight LED's electricity consumption is up to 14 times less than a standard halogen globe. 
The Moonlight LED lamps are the best option if you want to illuminate your swimming pool and save money, the very reason that many pool owners are retrofitting their old pool lights with a LED solution.

So, if you're looking into saving money and simply replacing those 
old energy consuming halogen bulbs with energy efficient white light, 
we recommend our PSW-series ensuring a beautifull blue sky effect for less money.

Save money AND bring some colour into your pool life

Apart from energy efficient, brighter lighting, we offer Moonlinght LED lights that have colour changing options! Imagine, immersing yourself in the rich, deep and glowing colours of a Moonlight color lighted pool. These LEDs transforms any pool into a night time oasis of glowing colourful warmth by combining the vibrance and brilliance of LED with the soothing effects of colour. 

Changing the colour

We offer two options to change the color according to your mood.

  1. Change the color by switching the light off and on again
  2. Change the color by using our remote control solutions


So, want to be in control of the pool-mood with a simple flip of a switch or push of a button?
Have a look at our PLS-series and create an environment of tranquillity, a romantic get away
or a fun family entertainment centre all with the this simple retrofit-lighting system.


Both series, white and color, are easy to install and come with a comprehensive installation manual with full how-to description.

Click the image below for more details or check out our section on how they work.

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