Select your 'barrier' cover

There are two types of covers available. Using your cover with a roller or having it fixed. All depends on the frequency of use. The roller model is the easiest for frequent use and keeping the summer heat in. The fixed model is ideal for winter time. You can also use both covers for year round pool protection.

Summer - Thermal cover

Winter cover

Reducing Heat Loss

80% of the heat loss is at the pool water surface!  

Your pool cover forms a barrier between the warm pool water and cooler air temperature.
This way the cover limits the water from evaporating, and therefor dramatically reduces the loss of heat. A cover can incease the water temperature with 5-7ºC, depending on the sun's heat. 

The perfect match...

with your 'new' heat pump, keeping the heating costs to a minimum.

Your pool cover allows the sun’s heat to pass through into the water. Your heat pump delivers the extra heat needed to reach the comfortable swimming temperature.
On cloudy days your heat pump will deliver the heat and your pool cover retain it, as the cover prevents most heat from escaping at the surface. 

Choosing the thickness of your thermal pool cover

Your pool cover is a insulating layer with a structure of bubbles. The air is enclosed in the bubbles making it a practical and efficient shield.

Made to measure

Each cover is made to measure with great eye for detail. The position of Roman steps, pools steps, water features, etc. To provide you with an estimate quote it is sufficient to give us the outside measures. Detailed measuring will follow during a site visit.
Our dedicated service exceeds your expectations, with on the job adjustments when needed!

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